Date of Issue: 15/12/2006
Validity: 14/12/2016



Herald Maritime Services was established in 1991 under the dynamic leadership of Capt. R. Y. Barve and Capt. J. J. Appoo.
Capt. R. Y. Barve came ashore in 1984 to take up an assignment as Personnel Manager in the shipping industry. With his long and valuable experience in personal management of vessels owned by various foreign principals, he commenced operations of Herald Maritime Services.

Capt. J.J.Appoo, an experienced Master of tankers and OBOs joined hands with Capt. Barve to launch Herald Maritime Services and within a short span of 3 years, the venture grew to operate over 25 vessels under their management. Today Herald Maritime Services manages over 35 vessels belonging to different foreign owners, including the following prominent ones :
M/S Bergshav of Norway
M/S Ship Surveys and Services Srl
M/S Essar Shipping Port and Logistics Limited of India
M/S Tag Offshore Limited, India



  • Complete personnel management of a vessel including

  1. Rotational planning of ship staff.

  2. Accounting

  3. Allotments.

  4. Union agreement

  5. Onleave services

  • Maintaining of computer based database / planning and availability of the same on web, for the owners.

  • Round the clock assistance to Seafarers and their families

  • Prejoining briefing and scrutinizing of certificates and qualification

  • Riding squad for various special nature upgrading, Afloat repairs and Inspection of vessels

  • Implementation, Maintenance and training of Planned Maintenance Systems

  • Implementation, Monitoring and training of quality and safety systems as required by the owners, including auditing for ISM / ISO 9001:2008 standards.